Yannik Schuler

Algebraic Geometer and Mathematical Physicist

Hi! I am a third year PhD student under the supervision of Andrea Brini in the Algebraic Geometry and Mathematical Physics research group at the University of Sheffield. I will submit my thesis next spring and I will be research associate in the group of Dhruv Ranganathan from March until August 2024. Afterwards I will be joining Rahul Pandharipande’s group as a postdoc for two years.

My research focuses questions about enumerative invariants and the geometry of their moduli spaces — mostly in the framework of Gromov–Witten theory. Often these questions are inspired by topological quantum field theories. For instance currently I am working on a mathematical formulation of the refined topological string which I expect will allow us to study topological M-theory indirectly.

I did my undergraduate studies in Bonn and wrote my Master thesis in Physics under the supervision of Albrecht Klemm and Gaëtan Borot.


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